Alarmy Premium APK V5.42.07 (MOD/Cracked Version) Download

Alarmy Premium APK V5.42.07 (MOD/Cracked Version) Download

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App Info

Name Alarmy
Package droom.sleepIfUCan
Publisher Alarm Clock Alarmy
Category Productivity
Version 5.22.06
Size 248MB
Requires Android 7.0 and above
MOD Features Pro/Premium Unlocked
Updated On
4.4/5 - (8 votes)

Alarmy is an app that allows you to set a time for your alarm to sound. The great thing about Alarmy is that it uses the camera on your phone to make sure you’re really awake before it’ll turn off. If you’re not, it will take a picture of you and post it online so everyone can see how much of a sleepyhead.

  1. Alarmy Premium APK
  2. Features of Alarmy Premium APK
  3. Wake up with a mission
  4. Wake up Check
  5. Sound Power Pack
  6. No Ads
  7. Why Waking up Early is Important?
  8. Best Alarm Clock App
  9. How to Download Alarmy Premium APK
  10. Conclusion
  11. What's Modded Alarmy

A normal alarm is just a kind of ringtone that starts ringing at the time when you set it but you can easily shut it just by swiping up on the device screen which makes you lazy. But Alarmy Premium Mod Apk is not a normal alarm. The application has a variety of features such as snooze, sleep, dismisses options and many features that will definitely make you wake up anyhow. In addition, it provides users with alarms for different events. Also, you can create your own customized alarm.

Alarmy Premium Mod APK

Alarmy Premium APK

When you create an alarm then you have provided an option to view and edit the information of those alarms. Alarmy Mod Apk is a modded version of this app that allows you to set a timer on your phone so that you can do something else while the alarm will be ringing. This alarm clock application is very useful for people who need to wake up at specific times, but still want to sleep some minutes more. This app has so many advanced features that will entirely wake you up from bed and make you feel good.

Alarmy is the only smart alarm clock that forces you to get out of bed. If you snooze it will keep on increasing the time interval between alarms and if you don’t get out of bed after the last alarm then Alarmy will call your emergency contacts with a pre-recorded message that you have set in advance. Alarmy Mod Apk gives you full access to all of the features available on this app. Let’s check out these interesting features of this app from below.

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Features of Alarmy Premium APK

Alarmy is an application that wakes you up in the morning by playing random music from your smartphone. It uses a smart algorithm to ensure you don’t oversleep. These are the most useful features of Alarmy Premium Apk that you should know so, check it out.

alarmy premium apk cracked latest version

Wake up with a mission

If you have a motive or mission of waking up early such as doing workout, cardiovascular activities, work, and more then you can set a picture that defines your mission so that whenever the alarm ring then that picture will also appear and when you see that picture, you will remember you motive and that hit you to wake up quickly.

alarmy pro mod apk

Wake up Check

So many of you definitely don’t wake up just after the alarm ring, most people reduce the volume of the alarm or snooze the alarm so that it won’t ring again but when you use alarmy premium mod apk then you need to prove that you woke up otherwise the alarm will ring again and again and the volume will also increase gradually.

alarmy pro apk download

Sound Power Pack

When you turn on the sound power pack feature then the volume of the music that you’ve selected will increase exponentially and it’ll become so irritating that will definitely make you wake up even if you’re a deep sleeper or you usually won’t hear alarm volume.

alarmy premium apk download

No Ads

The free version of Alarmy app contains ads so if you want an ad-free version of this app for free then download alarmy mod apk from here because this mod apk doesn’t contain advertisements so that you utilize all the features of this app without being interrupted.

Why Waking up Early is Important?

There are uncountable advantages of waking up early every day. First, when you need to wake early then you have to sleep early. Hence, you don’t use your smartphone till late at night and you will have a people sleep cycle of going to the bed early and getting out from bed early. You also have a good time in the early morning to exercise or you can also spend this time walking outside and seeing nature in the early morning.

Nowadays, our life has become so hectic. Everyone we have to face a new challenge which sometimes becomes a reason for a mental health issue. Mental health is even more important than physical health because you can see your physical health but you can’t see your mental health. When you wake up early then you can spend this time taking a chill and get rid of a little time from all these electronic devices and work pressure, you can spend this time talking with yourself that will mentally prepare you for your hectic day.

Best Alarm Clock App

When you search the alarm clock app on the play store then you will see there are thousands of app for an alarm clock. But mots these app are just a normal alarm clock which is definitely pre-installed on your phone but if you want an alarm clock that makes you wake up anyhow then Alarmy Premium Apk is the best application for you because it has many features that help you wake up in a different way.

Unknown Sources

How to Download Alarmy Premium APK

If you want to download Alarmy Premium Mod Apk and get unlocked all its premium or paid features then pursue the installation guide given below, carefully!

  • First of all, download Alarmy Premium Apk
  • Once the downloading started then go to the settings of your smartphone and allow unknown sources of app installation.
  • When this mod apk is downloaded then instal it.
  • Open Alarmy Premium Apk and make waking up early your habit.


What's Modded Alarmy

  • Pro/Premium Unlocked
  • No Ads

So, this was all about alarmy premium mod apk and i hope you’ve successfully downloaded this mod apk on your device. If you’re a person who always faces difficulties while waking up in the early morning then a normal alarm would not work on you, so instead of using the normal alarm, you should try alarmy pro mod apk which is the best alarm app that can easily wake you up and it won’t stop bringing until your wake up properly. If you face any kind of issue while downloading or installing alarmy premium apk then comment below.

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4.4/5 - (8 votes)
4.4/5 (8 votes)

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